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The Southern Nevada Chapter of 正规网赌真人娱乐平台® was established March 17, 2006, to serve all residential property managers in the Las Vegas area. We are 1 of 25 local 正规网赌真人娱乐平台® Chapters across the nation.

正规网赌真人娱乐平台® is a national association of licensed real estate professionals who know first-hand the unique problems and challenges of managing single-family and small residential properties. They promote a high standard in business ethics, professionalism and fair housing practice.  This association also certifies its members in the standards and practices of the residential property management industry and promotes continuing professional education.

A large number of single-family dwellings across the United States are non-owner occupied.  As a group, managers of small residential properties oversee billions of dollars worth of assets, yet have had little or no voice in such important matters as tax law, legislation, legal document requirements, accounting practices, insurance, building codes, zoning and utilities.  Prior to the inception of 正规网赌真人娱乐平台® in October 1988 there was no organization to represent this large group of property managers and their clients.

Members of 正规网赌真人娱乐平台® are individuals who are engaged in the management of residential properties as agents for others, licensed in those states that require licensing.  By being a member of 正规网赌真人娱乐平台® it shows those individuals are serious about there profession and continuing to educate themselves through this organization.  Vendors that are affiliated with 正规网赌真人娱乐平台® are selected based on there professionalism and credentials to serve the needs of maintaining residential rental properties.

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